From time to time, I find myself writing about various semi-interesting things that catch my attention (for whatever reason). Way back when I had one, I would put that shit on my blog, but that doesn't exist anymore and I'm not planning on resurrecting it. But instead I have this wonderful website here that I personally wrote, and can edit very easily... the logic chain that follows is pretty short, isn't it?

Understand that this website is not a blog, nor is it intended to be one. I'll include some kind of timestamps in every article, but the website does not think of them as chronological, therefore there is no logical way for the site to generate anything like an RSS feed (though I could be persuaded to do something about that). This index itself is just another page I manually edit. Most painfully, there is no provision for comments, although lately I've been wondering if I should think about adding that.

With those caveats in mind, if you wanna read the things I have to say about stuff, go right on ahead to:

The List

In reverse chronological order, i.e. newest first:

Also, I have some HOWTOs:

And some stuff rescued from the old blog (also in reverse-chronological order):