About Narc

Hi, how're you?

Narc's Avatar I'm Narc, also known as Narc0tiq, or Octav S─ândulescu. I'm a programmer, computer geek, and all-around nice guy, and I'm self-hosting everything to do with narc.ro.

By which I mean I've got a Linode (full disclosure: this a referral link) that I've put this website on, along with a DNS server that the world knows how to point to, and even a mail server so I can be contacted that way. It's a bit of extra effort to do it this way (and my email forwards to GMail nowadays), but it got me to learn about Apache2 and bind9 and all sorts of useful stuff, so I'm not complaining.

Contact details

  • Name: Octav S─ândulescu
  • Birth Date: Dec 20th, 1984
  • Address: ask me
  • Phone number: (+40) 722 267 552
  • Email: Use the contact form.
  • Reddit? I reddit.